Marijke Kuiper

Marijke Kuiper

Strategic senior scientist

Wageningen Economic Research

I am a senior researcher in the international policy department at Wageningen Economic Research, part of Wageningen University and Research. I am also a GTAP Research Fellow.

Quantitative research on sustainable food, nutrition security and inequality characterize my work. I currently focus on foresight analyses of autonomous trends and policies assessments on employment, nutrition and sustainability. A key tool for these integrated assessments is MAGNET, our in-house global general equilibrium (CGE) model of which I am one the main developers. Where relevant supplemented with models adding sub-national, non-economic or spatial detail.


  • Food & nutrition security
  • Inclusiveness & income distribution


  • BSc Interior Architecture, 2013

    Utrecht School of Arts, the Netherlands

  • PhD in Development Economics, 2005

    Wageningen University, the Netherlands

  • MSc in Rural Development Studies, 1997

    Wageningen University, the Netherlands