Adam N. Walker

Adam N. Walker


Wageningen Economic Research

I am a researcher in the international policy department at Wageningen Economic Research, part of Wageningen University and Research.

I use a broad array of methods and tools to explore the economics of the environment and natural resources. I have worked for British civil services using cost benefit analysis and environmental valuation to study water resources management. During my PhD, I used game theory to study international fisheries agreements and bioeconomic modelling to analyse the optimal control of invasive species. I have 8 years of experience at Statistics Netherlands working on footprints analysis, circular economy, and national accounting for the Dutch North Sea. At Wageningen Economic Research I shall be continuing my work on input-output analysis and using MAGNET to analyse problems relating to the environment and biodiversity, while working to ensure the data behind the MAGNET of optimal quality.


  • Environmental economics
  • Global value chains
  • Modelling


  • PhD in Environmental Economics, 2016

    Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group, Wageningen Univeristy, the Netherlands

  • MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, 2008

    Environment Department, University of York, UK

  • BA in Economics and Human Geography,, 2006

    Departments of Economics and Geography, Lancaster University, UK