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The Modular Applied GeNeral Equilibrium Tool, MAGNET, is a global computable general equilibrium model. The main aim of MAGNET is to offer a global applied general equilibrium modelling framework which can be easily tailored to specific research questions and regions and products of interest.ela This flexibility allows researchers to adjust the complexity of a model to the questions at hand as well as to their own level of understanding of global CGE models.

Relation with LEITAP
MAGNET is the successor of the LEITAP model which has been used extensively in policy analyses. MAGNET was developed out of the need for a more flexible modelling system. Both LEITAP and MAGNET are based on the standard GTAP model. MAGNET includes adaptions and extensions that cover:
• Differences in substitutability of land between sectors
• Imperfect mobility of labor between agricultural and non-agricultural sectors
• Output quotas for milk and sugar
• Endogenous land supply
• Biofuel sectors and the biofuel directive
• Modulation of the EU common agricultural policy from first to second pillar measures
• Income elasticities dependent on GDP per capita
• International capital mobility for dynamic analyses
• Nutrition indicators
• Household food security indicators

Besides these adaptions and extensions, MAGNET has also adaptions for investments, bilateral tariff rate quota and alternative consumption functions.

Relation with GTAP
The core of the MAGNET model is the standard GTAP model. There are some practical reasons for this:
• it provides a reference point to communicate the contributions of MAGNET to a broad community of researchers involved in applied general equilibrium models;
• it provides an easy entry point for new MAGNET users who have attended the GTAP short course, by switching on modules in a step-wise fashion they can make their way in MAGNET;
• it provides a reference point in debugging model code (for example, tests can be run with the GTAP core to establish whether errors are due to data issues or errors in model code).

Basic principles which guide the development of MAGNET.

The GTAP core
The general equilibrium model from which MAGNET started.

Regions & sectors
Regional and sector detail in the MAGNET model

MAGNET modules that extend beyond the GTAP data and model.

Software suite
Software tools for developing and running the model and for analysing results